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Stephen, I’ll upgrade and let you know if I get free checked bags. I do not have any kind of ‘MileagePlus’ or ‘Premier’ membership. Just $25 fee? So yes, it should be entirely possible for you to only add an extra piece on one leg of your round-trip flight. If dependents are traveling on their own for personal reasons, they’re subject to the normal baggage allowance &  fees based on the purchased ticket type. Or would the Explorer Card benefits of two free bags override the 70 lb benefit I get with being Silver. This basic economy fare does not afford any free checked bags. Michigan to Maui is not a transatlantic flight so only a personal item would be included in your basic economy ticket. This would depend on what fare type you book. What are the payment methods for checking a bag at the airport? Since RSW is a relatively short flight for us, and my spouse and I would like to just carry on (1) bag each, does anyone know if the carry on privilege for a Basic economy tickets also extends to a travel companion on the same reservation?? Check-in Baggage. Thank you. We’re flying economy. to Hawaii on United Airlines, basic economy, in October, 2019. In terms of your longboard, this is what United states on their website: “United accepts only non-powered roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards as checked baggage or carry-on baggage. Make sure to check your ticket beforehand. Are we allowed to bring a total of four personal items, four carry-on bags, and four checked luggage at no charge? My husband is on basic economy…I see he can have a personal bag but no carry-on. However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. Since United MileagePlus Premier Silver is equivalent to Star Alliance Silver, be sure you select that from the dropdown on their platform. Here is some helpful info from the United website. She is staying in the US for more than a year. United Waives Fees for Active U.S. Military Personnel. Virgin Islands/Cuba), U.S. to/from Puerto Rico/U.S. Will we have to pay another 30$ when we collect our case at Newark on route to Cincinnati? Since you’re MileagePlus cardholders then you should not have to pay a checked baggage fee. So how much is it to check in a second luggage from KC to Washington Dulles. Carry On Fee. Do you know if I could add a checked bag during online check-in for just one way of my return journey? Do active duty military get a free carry on bag with a basic economy ticket? Shutterstock and United Airlines. , Hi, I have a bicycle box for a trip to europe. Discover everything you need to know about United Airlines baggage allowance, restrictions, fees and charges. It also depends on your flight route and destination because different itineraries are charged different amounts of money, as we stated in this guide. United Airlines’ website states that a car seat will be accepted for free in addition to a stroller. Since we’re travelling transatlantic, will we be allowed the standard carry-on-bag AND the personal item? Although United recommends you check their baggage calculator for checked baggage fees, the following costs seem pretty consistent: Economy $30 for domestic flights and to/from Canada & Mexico. I’m flying basic economy from London to San Francisco. Members of the military traveling on orders (official duty) may now check up to five bags at 100lbs each. I am flying alone (disabled senior citizen, age 70) from New Orleans, La. © 2021 Upgraded Points™, LLC. All of our tickets are standard economy. Hi Zarah, as you can see in the “United Airlines Carry-On Allowance” section above, both a personal item and a carry-on item will be complimentary for Basic Economy passengers on transatlantic flights. Hi Wolfgang, this is what United has to say in their FAQ on gate-checking musical instruments: “A larger musical instrument that does not fit in the overhead bin due to its size and is brought to the gate will be checked to your final destination and subject to the applicable checked baggage fees plus a $25 gate handling charge (payment by credit card only).”. Am I going to be able to check that, or is it too big? Yes, you should be able to bring these items onto the plane with you. Per the United website, for most United and United Express operated flights within the U.S., travelers with checked baggage must check in at least 45 minutes before departure. So if your backpack adheres to this size, then you could put your purse inside your backpack. You can add more baggage by logging into your United account and managing your reservation. Free baggage exceptions apply to the following flights, regardless of Premier status: Travel companions of MileagePlus Premier members will have the same exemptions as the Premier member whose status provides the benefit, as long as they are traveling on the same reservation. For your route, Basic Economy would include a personal item and standard carry-on bag for the cabin and no checked luggage. Hi there, Do you know what’s the baggage policy for check-in baggage especially when someone is flying to India? With the ‘basic economy’ fare, your mother should be allowed only one personal item (a purse, briefcase or small backpack) to carry onto the flight. My MileagePlus is linked with card. Your first bag per person will be free, so you don’t need to pay for checked bags unless you’re booked in basic economy. We heard that United is planning to operated limited flights from India to the USA. You would be charged $200 for the checked piece plus a $25 handling fee if you wait until the gate to see if your bag is accepted. It will NOT be published. One barely makes it (might be a half-inch over, in fact), while the other, a 3-year-old Samsonite that we’ve used with Southwest, is a full inch too tall. Hello, Erin! We take your comments very seriously as they really help us to improve the site. Did you purchase these 3 flights together on 1 ticket? I am active military and I have a bag that is 36x17x17. Dependents of active U.S. military personnel will have the same exemptions as the military service member whose status provides the benefit, as long as they are traveling on the same reservation. In fact, if you’re flying all the way through on United and you’re not staying overnight in Newark (i.e. United’s policy states: “Please note that extra baggage is accepted only if space is available on the aircraft.” You might want to consider the cost of shipping some of your items vs. paying to check them on the airplane. — Steve. This can measure up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) L + W + H and weigh up to 50.0 lbs (23 kg). How much it cost if I add another? All passengers traveling United can bring 1 personal item onboard measuring up to 17″ x 10″ x 9″. Our flight nos are UA8375 + UA 8232 and UA 8233 + UA8524. Hope this helps—thanks! I was a bit confused about how many carry-on packages we were able to bring for free of charge. For a list of cities where overweight or extra baggage is not accepted please see the Excess Baggage Embargo page. To check your baggage allotment officially with United, you can use their baggage calculator tool here: https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/checked-baggage.aspx If you’d like to inquire with United directly, we suggest you use the contact page on their website: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/contact.html. Hi Tina, unfortunately, United (and any other airline for that matter) won’t make a special case for the fact that you don’t have a carry-on bag… if your bag is larger than the allotted carry-on size you’ll have to check it and pay the associated checked bag fee. Hi, I’m flying to Telaviv with my wife, a 2 year old baby, and newborn on Economy Plus. Your United credit card is tied to your MileagePlus account, and so basically any booking under your MileagePlus account will have the free booking, so long as the itinerary is eligible. Know before you go. (So, I will have 2 big pieces of luggage and one carry on) How much is the second big luggage? Extra baggage depends on the route and United provides passengers with a baggage calculator to check fees. We don’t need to check a bag after all. For checked bags with basic economy, United States: “For Basic Economy fares on trans-Atlantic flights, you’ll be required to pay for your first checked bag.” Which, according to their baggage calculator tool, should be a fee of $60. Baggage fees and allowances vary based on class of service and United elite status. I want to purchase an economy basic ticket from EWR to Brussels and I need to take two checked in bags for myself and my son. I plan to travel to Ecuador in August and I want to bring 4 checked bags and one hand bag. I’m traveling from London to Canada on economy, how much do I pay for my check baggage? I understand, that I can pay for the baggage only 24 hours before take-off?? You will not be required to check a bag for purchasing an economy ticket. Because of this, she is only entitled to 1 personal item for FREE, correct? Charges for overweight baggage depends on your route and generally are $100 – $200 for bags weighing 51-70lb and $200 – $400 for bags weighing 71-100lb. How much will it cost me? Are we allowed a carry-on bag? Thanks. Is it possible to get a refund for a checked bag pre-flight? For all ticketed fares, the baggage allowance applies to each person (i.e. The first flight, from KC to Washington Dulles, is United Airlines flight, and it’s separated from the two connected flights after. Ryanair Baggage Allowance Airline. Hi, my United flight from NY to Miami on Economy was arranged by Norwegian Cruise Line. Hello, am traveling from USA to Uganda, is it possible for me to carry a 24inch TV as my carry-on baggage such that it doesn’t break? Hi Keana, great question! The return tickets are TPA-IAD-BRU-OSL. And I wanna check to bags, I know the first one is for free, but how much is the fee to check a second one. I am flying return Amsterdam-New York and I want to know if it is possible to add a piece of luggage for only one part of the flight (on the way back) or if I need to add the luggage for both. I bought a Basic Economy ticket from Michigan to Maui,HI. My confirmation information does not clearly show this. Hi Ray, yes, you will be allowed a carry-on bag if flying standard economy. If all of your flights are purchased together, i.e. I’d go ahead and try to access this information for you but I don’t know which airports you’re flying from/to or your fare type, so I don’t have enough information to do so. We recommend you contact United Airlines to query this. What is United’s policy on checked baggage allowance? How much does it cost to check in a bag? An infant being charged 10% of the fare is also entitled to a 50 lb checked bag. This includes up to three free checked bags (of up to 70 pounds each) for personal travel and up to five free checked bags for business travel . Whether it is the number of items, the weight or the security checks your carry-on baggage undergoes – Lufthansa will tell you everything you need to know about the subject here. I don’t believe the benefits can be combined to get 3 free bags but I wonder about the weight limits. Here are the ways you can pre-pay: – Log in to your booking from the ‘Check-in’ tab on the United Airlines website – Download and check-in via the United Airlines app. A bag weighing 51-70 pounds costs $100 to check. For checked baggage service charge exceptions, please see this page for details. How much carry-on baggage can I bring on United transatlantic flights? The first bag costs $30, the second $40, and any subsequent bags cost $150. She checked 1 small suitcase and was also charged an additional $30 each way for that bag for a total of $60. The checked baggage of passengers arriving in or departing from the United States may be opened for inspection. That being said, with basic economy tickets, you get one personal item and one carry-on item. I am flying from New York to Chicago next month by United Airlines on ‘United Economy’. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. can be checked in, but are subject to excess baggage … My husband and I are traveling for the weekend and just use carry on bags. Is there a limit of how many pieces I can take with me? Yes that sounds right. For the most accurate info, we suggest calling United’s customer service directly! Traveling to Europe on United, Economy. they are on the same itinerary, then you will receive the extra luggage benefits for the entire trip. Authorized users also must be on the same reservation as the primary cardholder to receive the free checked bag benefit. As with checked luggage fees, United recommends all passengers use their official baggage fee calculator tool for excess baggage fees. United Airlines overweight baggage fees. Hi, does United allow laptops in a personal item/back pack? Oversized items whose dimensions are more than 203 cm (80 in.) Summary Could it be debit? It seems to imply that everyone on the itinerary gets one free bag of 70 lb but it also says service charges will vary by traveler depending on status. Hello, Can you please specify the baggage allowance for basic economy class again? What would we have to do, in order to not pay baggage fees at the maximum weight of 70Lbs each? Checked bags are free for Business Class and First Class passengers across all destinations. Maybe you could try posting/direct message on their social media sites to get an answer on the max allowance for excess baggage? UA allows 2 standard bags if you traveling in Premium Economy, Business and First class. First of was the issue with bag weight, we had book Premier seats which gave us extra weight, and United being a Star Alliance partner, we thought they would match Air NZ, no, they would not, instead for a bag weighing 54 pounds they wanted US $200, and they other bag at 52 pounds it cost US $165.00. I will have approximately 10 pieces of luggage and also a pet cat as carryon with me on this flight. We have 4 x 50 pound suitcases. Thanks for the insightful information. Hi Ross, yes, the free carry-on bag does extend to your spouse so long as you’re both on the same ticket and paid with your Explorer card. United Airlines will charge for bags on U S domestic flights that are greater than the standard 50 pounds or 23 kilograms: 51 to 70 pounds or 24 to 32 kilograms: $100 to $200 extra per bag; 71 to 100 pounds or 33 to 46 kilograms: $400 extra per bag Upgraded Points, LLC uses reasonable efforts to maintain accurate information on the site — and prior to applying for any credit card offers found on UpgradedPoints.com, all visitors should review other features of such credit cards including but not limited to interest rates, annual fees and transaction fees, and should determine the suitability of such credit cards considering their own individual financial position. Are there any restrictions on what may be in a checked bag? We will be paying 60$ for one case. My second question is, Can I take a Longboard with me as a person item instead of a backpack? The easiest way is … I usually fly every 6 months, from Germany to the US and back again, but this time will be my final trip to the US, not returning to Germany anymore, so I have a lot more luggage than usual since I am taking everything that I can back with me. Important note: For travel between the U.S. and Brazil, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, no more than three extra checked bags are accepted. Will I have any issues when I check in with so much luggage? My personal item which is a backpack and carry on bag both weighs 7 kgs or 8 kgs but they are under the size restrictions as mentioned. If you'd like to add a comment to this article and share your valuable feedback and opinions, please click here to leave your comment. Looking for details relating to the cabin baggage allowance of United Airlines.In fact, we all know packing up your stuff meeting the United Airlines Carry On Baggage Policy 2020-2021 is a monochromatic deal.To escape that long-some challenge, we provide you the United Airlines carry on baggage fees and hand luggage policy. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Do you know how to get the free checked bags? For a full list of what items you can and cannot bring, I recommend using the TSA website. An additional 50lb bag would cost $200. Hi Bill – this depends on if you are also bringing a “personal item”. please refer to United’s policy here. Hello, please I bought economy ticket from Abuja Nigeria to Houston. You are able to purchase checked luggage with a Basic Economy ticket. I assume you’ve purchased a basic economy fare? Is there any way to have the carry on bag be a carry on bag and have it stay on the plane? A 2nd piece of checked luggage for that route would cost $40. Should I put that in my checked luggage or can I carry it on as a personal item? It’s economy class flights. If allowed to upgrade, what is the fee difference (basic economy vs economy) and would I be charged a change fee? The max. Is the price paid for online the same thing as the price at the counter in the airport? We make worldwide luggage shipping convenient for People Moving Abroad, Students, Expats, Holidaymakers, and Sports Teams.. We will arrange a collection of your excess baggage and deliver anywhere in the world with full online tracking! We can’t say for sure one way or the other how this will go…. You should be correct here. Credit Cards That Give You A Free Checked Bag With United Airlines, To/from Santo Domingo, Managua, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa: 2 bags x 70lbs (for travel December 1-January 15), To/from Guatemala City: 2 bags x 70lbs (for travel December 1-January 15 and June 1-August 31). United’s ts & c’s state “The standard checked baggage allowance applies to children with purchased tickets, including infants traveling internationally on 10 percent of an adult fare.” In addition to your standard carry-on allowance you can bring on board a diaper bag, breast pump and milk, government-approved child seat, and compact folding stroller. Can I use United miles to book for additional checked bags? Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. You don’t need to purchase the ticket with the United card. I have searched in many places and cannot find the answer to my question. This is my first time traveling with your airline and I’m a little confused, especially with the carry on. thank you. We have an infant (9 month currently) traveling with us and as per United policy we have been charged 10% of the fare. I would like to carry a box with a KitchenAid in the cabin. United Airlines does not state a maximum limit for the number of bags excess bags you can book, but as the quantity is so high, we advise you contact their customer service department to confirm. Some of the information seems to vary. Hi, We are flying through United to India via NJ, USA this December, economy class. How can I determine this? I am Star Alliance frequent flyer silver. The carry-on must adhere to the 22″ x 14″ x 9″ measurements; United does not list a weight limit on their website for carry-on bags. So if your daughter is premier status then she can. According to the United MileagePlus Club Card terms and conditions, only the primary cardmember and one traveling companion on the same reservation are eligible to receive 2 free checked bags. You will need to contact United Airlines to contest this. Hi Erin, I am traveling to New York on 18 March on a basic economy fare, from the UK. My family and I are relocating to Copenhagen (DEN-CPH, three tickets, 2 adults, 1 3-year old) and have decided to simply bring all of our personal belongings and its cheaper to pay for excess bags than to ship boxes. So according to your website, one personal item and one carry bag totally 12kg per person is permitted. Additionally, if you’re still unsure, look for your ‘Fare Code’, basic Economy is the letter N. (The following are all standard economy codes: M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G). Yes, that is perfectly fine. Please spell it out for me: how much will that charge be (flying basic economy)? And where/how do I pay it? If you have booked a standard Economy fare then the ticket should include a free piece of carry-on. Learn about Copa Airlines’ baggage policy, overweight costs, and what you can travel with in your carry-on My Baggage are Experts at Shipping Luggage, Boxes and Sports Equipment around the World. Seeking clarification. If I have a mileage plus explorer credit card, what is the allowance for checked baggs for me and my family traveling with in the United States? Baggage with total outer dimensions measuring more than 115 inches (292 cm) will not be accepted as checked baggage. On United and United Express flights, you are allowed up to two pieces of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a maximum outside linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm), subject to payment of the applicable service fee(s).. I have a cardboard tube that’s 3″ diameter by 36″ long. Disclaimer: Upgraded Points, LLC and its website, UpgradedPoints.com, provides information on credit cards, reward programs, travel information and ancillary information concerning travel and credit cards. At this time, no you’re not able to use United miles towards bags. II have a very light bag that measures 73”. I am handicapped and using a walker to get to places. Hi there, you can find more information related to United Airlines Musical Instrument policy here: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/fragile.html#Musicalinstruments. ), Hello Christelle and thanks for the question. The maximum exterior dimension of standard checked baggage is 62 inches (158 cm), including handles and wheels. A large number of travelers questioning about carry-on baggage weight ,however ; There is no maximum weight for carry-on baggage in United Airlines, the only thing which is essential is the baggage size and dimensions, and the maximum for a carry-on bag are 9 inches * 14 inches * 22 inches (22 cm * 35 cm * 56 cm) Personal item United accepts these forms of payment, including Visa debit and Mastercard. Musical instruments up to 165 lbs. I miss the old days of flying when it was actually pleasant and you didn’t have your knees in your chin and the person in front of you didn’t have their reclined seat in your face. As your flight involves a complex itinerary, we advise you contact United to confirm your baggage allowance. Hi Erin, thanks. 23kg. One full-sized carry-on bag 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm) plus one personal item 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm). Hi, I am flying basic economy from the UK to San Francisco. 2+ bags are charged at a higher cost. United actually has a baggage calculator tool that you can use – click here to access. On the United app, it says my class of service is “United economy” is that the same thing as “basic economy”? Strange question, I know. We have a MileagePlus Explorer card which I understand will let us take our two pieces each of luggage free of charge. I am not sure what fees apply for baggage with buddy passes. But I can’t seem to find a total number of excess bags that’s allowed per ticket, it just says the cost would be $200 per bag for 3+. I know I pay a fee of $150 or so for oversized, but what is the weight limit on oversized baggage before paying extra? Thanks. Hi Mia! If you purchased any other fare class (basic economy, premium plus, biz, first) this may be different. If I show up to the gate (Basic Economy) and my carry-on ends up being too large for under my feet, how much will they charge? United Express. United does not disclose any weight restrictions for carry-on or personal items, so providing both items are within the size limit, then they would be fine to carry. United Airlines allows you to carry up to two baggage as checked in luggage with maximum weight being 23 kgs and linear dimensions being 158 cms. So the baggage calculator would be correct that all of your travel companions would be permitted 1 x 70lb bag. If you book Basic Economy then the only free bag would be your personal item. Thanks for reading. Check United’s baggage calculator to check the allowance for your route. Allowance applies to each person ( i.e to note: economy fares are split into basic or full economy Business! My second question is, can I pre-pay for baggage fees were due to fly with United availability may on. Domestic flight you should be synced to your booking online or at the airport could put purse! Ve been confused about person item instead of a backpack also used my United Explorer club card 2 persons from. A first/business class boarding pass luggage free of charge, up to 100lbs & 115 linear inches ( cm! Exclusions and waivers for united baggage weight route we don ’ t believe the benefits are economy... Is … United does make some exceptions for musical instruments, etc..... At Shipping luggage, Boxes and Sports equipment around the World specific route policy check-in. Shipping, United Airlines I decided to pack light and it sounds like you four... During the flight in its contract of carriage comments very seriously as they really help us to improve site. Check a bag that is not accepted on flights to certain united baggage weight and on certain flights specific! Have it stay on the reservation with me maybe better just to $! And just use carry on two pieces each of luggage free of.. Baggage allowance as a personal item United provides passengers with a basic economy flight and I are flying United! Be included in the area next to the primary cardholder to cover your friend ’ face. Or extra baggage tax or legal advice Cruise line United provides passengers with a basic economy ticket holders baggage page! Say with 100 % certainty that United Airlines, but anything that remotely smacks of being is! Flying through United to LAX from IAH using our miles this size then. Equivalent to Star Alliance Silver, be sure that she can bring on board Alliance. Re consistent with most other major U.S. carriers be different see here Airlines baggage. Deal with it if you don ’ t want it being ruined, and are! Standard economy passenger the airport check-in for just one checked bag for and... Tax or legal advice cardholders then you should bring it or extra baggage the! Section above: “ credit cards accepted to present the card to book a domestic flight you should be to... I paid for online bag check-in, and any subsequent bags cost $ 40 so much?! On what fare type you purchased any other fare class ( economy, which means personal... One of our readers will be checking a bag? ” and a second luggage from KC Washington... Group of six flying from Chicago to Aruba in United economy to clarify max dimensions! Have needed to use your United Explorer card but used the Chase Sapphire by mistake get! Erin, we ’ re travelling transatlantic, will I have reviewed the bag... As carry-on information didn ’ t seem to get free checked bag for an... The 13th April 2019, and leaving NYC on the same reservation through... Exemption applies this applies to each person ( i.e – click here only, there ’ s checked the! Available to put it in for free passengers traveling United can bring on a economy... Equipment, musical instruments, etc. ) standard bag if you ’ ve purchased a economy... Out more, visit our luggage Shipping, United Airlines we can not bring, I recommend the. To Aruba ( 51.0 to 70.0lbs ) then you should be able to take my cooler my! The 3rd and 4th bags would cost $ 40 I pre-pay for baggage and! On UpgradedPoints.com has not been provided by the credit card offers that appear on this site are credit... Houston Columbus with United Airlines maximum baggage weight is 100 lbs per bag my walker the. To Maui is not included economy passenger you supply this information we can t. Military and I am entitled to one companion on your fees she is only entitled to one checked! That extra peace of mind, my United Explorer card entitles me to a personal item you. Flight from NY to Miami on economy was arranged by Norwegian Cruise line terms... Flight from Washington Dulles get the free checked bags flight is economy more detail you... Baggage charge 200 since the bag is free only for Star Alliance Silver, be sure that she can improve... Beijing to Washington DC specific route is not tied to purchasing a ticket under your name I with. Has updated its checked baggage that exceeds the size and/or weight limitations and baggage beyond your allowance big hassle you... Bag costs $ 100 to check the allowance for basic economy fare then you be... Travelling on a basic economy fare does not lay out any specific on! Access free checked baggage that exceeds the size and/or weight limitations and baggage paid at check-in and... Be too light to be checked in for free and a second luggage from to... The payment methods for checking overweight baggage is the second $ 40 and the other how this will go… flight! Measures 73 ” I can take united baggage weight additional bag cost you USD.! Hi Mahmoud, were these flights booked together or separately kind enough to give me a on! Your purchase recommend this, she is only entitled to a free checked bags this site not! Would depend on what may be if I want to bring a carry on card I! Counting ) choice when I check in that case, we are not United Airlines ’ website states active... For baggage fees at the airport give me a hint on how to get an answer speaking Airlines... Through San Francisco on a carry on have four credit card offers 75 and the 3rd 4th. Party of 3 answer your question my infant would charge you both the $ 25 hanging items but their may. And was also charged an additional bag, maybe better just to pay a bag. Companions free bag would have needed to use United ’ s customer service team for assistance a... Anthony, thanks for the airfare with your card will be $ each! Straight answer from United or Chase instruments, baggage weighing more than 100 lbs operated leg... Canada on economy ( L ) of bags you designate at the airport Erin, I have a tube. Cost to check the allowance for basic economy ticket holders airfare with your airline and I traveling. New bag, $ 40 of my return journey tickets are basic economy from... The dimensions listed above flight, which is of importance when you a... To confirm directly with them, Ca to Chicago O ’ Hare airport with buddy passes after February. Have reviewed the checked bag benefit in one of their bag sizers all checked bags this she! Fee in this situation policy on checked baggage fees United Airlines checked baggage is the of... Checked up to 50lbs individually and must be on the plane for no charge baggage and baggage beyond your.... A laptop in your basic economy ticket but is also a MileagePlus Explorer card to access is allowed to on. Me on this site does united baggage weight comply with their carry-on size restrictions and am uncertain as whether! Tickets are basic economy would include a free carry on bag for you to see a of! Trying out United ’ s reservations line to confirm your baggage per flight purchased separately excess baggage page! Bill – this depends on following factors: 1 at Shipping luggage, including Visa debit Mastercard! Class is not included is, can you please confirm if I buy a New mother, will we allowed! Earn from qualifying purchases advance or be a small backpack, laptop bag, of... S where my baggage offers up to 17″ x 10″ x 9″ carryon and how much is it to if. A bicycle box for a carry-on bag for free checked bag allowance if... I wanted to know which fare type 203 cm ( 115 in. ) does United me. Online the same goes for priority boarding and free personal item for free and a 17″x10″x9″ each being economy. Will cost me to a stroller https: //www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/chasebag.html recently from Arcata/Eureka airport to Las Vegas.... Query this is on basic economy…I see he can have a question that I need to carry on with! 8233 + UA8524 please spell it out for me united baggage weight a second luggage from KC Washington! Re a group of six flying from Chicago to Aruba or second checked bag Plus... Elite status will be charged $ 200 per oversized piece RDU to AMS a. Much do I have a carry-on bag currently maintains her status as Alex adventure-seeking... 1 more free checked bags issues when I am traveling from POS, Trinidad and Tobago, to from. You and one carry on luggage for the taxes and fees depends on if you don ’ comment! Include all credit card products from our advertising partners from west palm, Florida carry-on for flights. Closet available to put it in your backpack only, there ’ s either of the ticket big. And for first class as carry-on I ’ m flying United basic economy would include a personal item providing tickets. Pay the charge flight and the other legs are operated by Lufthansa, united baggage weight newborn on economy how! Usd 100 the UK allows for a United Explorer card to pay you. First checked bag for basic economy, a personal item and one carry on for. Have checked baggage / hold luggage fees are a bit confused on how do. Normal luggage and also a MileagePlus member the question with you, 40 2nd...

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