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Who sends Christmas gift thank you notes?. Increase Sales of Influencer Campaigns. This way, influencers can spend some using the product and be able to immediately give a full, honest review when the product drops. At Statusphere, we match brands with the right influencers to ensure they’re getting the most out of their influencer partnerships. With the initial planning phases of your campaign complete, you’re ready to launch! Influencer Marketing 101, Dear Ms. ____, Thank you very much for your recent order. Fillable and printable Gift Letter Template 2021. Show your appreciation with handwritten Christmas thank you notes f or all those thoughtful Christmas gifts or Christmas hospitality.. Monica is a blogger, podcaster and influencer who lives in the English countryside. When you’re diving into influencer marketing, it helps to … ), Give them a time frame of when your campaign will be running. Try influencer gifting (product seeding). Gifting products to influencers can be awkward if you’re not totally familiar with the process. If all of your products are difficult to ship, send influencers coupons for them to buy your product in stores. What a silly question. At Statusphere we handle everything from influencer communication, match-making, shipping and reporting so you don’t have to! With 25% of influencers ghosting after receiving a gift to promote, it’s important to make sure that you pick the right influencers for your brand who will actually care about your product. You know what they say about first impressions. It will help you to grab the influencer’s attention quickly and it shows the effort you used to personalize your offer. You’ve done your brainstorming, planning and have your influencer agreement ready and waiting – it’s time to start finding influencers. Engage: When your products are in the influencers’ hands, be sure to follow up with them and let them know you’re excited to see their posts. Use Statusphere: If all that sounds like too much to handle on your own, we recommend using Statusphere. If you’re thinking about using influencer marketing, you need to know how much to pay influencers — the price varies based on platform and the size of the influencer’s audience. It's a great platform for mutual promotion, first and foremost. This is why influencer product gifting campaigns work extremely well for trendy, new products. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to in contact with an influencer on Instagram. Think about it: asking a yoga lifestyle blogger who doesn’t have children to post about cloth diapers isn’t a good idea. A gift isn’t a gift if it’s not free, right? Take a moment to thank them by drafting a thank you note by editing the ‘Sample Thank You Note for Graduation Gift.’ Authentic, Reusable Content: Influencers, especially micro-influencers, are great at creating high-quality authentic content. Marketers need to know that the influencers they work with understand how to use their products. These often require hefty fees (thousands of pounds) to participate and anyone who walks into the gifting suite can pick up a free sample of your product. A gift letter, or gift affidavit, for a car is written to avoid paying tax for the car’s transfer when the car is given to a close … Both the recipient and donor of the gift money must sign the letter. D. The advertiser can request to the influencer to add tags, links, or titles in the description of the uploaded media. Things like sample sizes of another product you offer, personalized packaging or a handwritten thank you note help your brand stand out. Be sure to let your influencers know when you’ve sent out their gift so they can look out for it! To help you along your way, in this post I cover the basic steps for running a gifting-only influencer marketing campaign successfully. If you don’t have a product worth $20 in your line, send out product bundles that add up to that value. This experience has allowed her to create influencer marketing solutions that maximize value for both brands and influencers. For instance, if you’re going to reach out to an influencer from Poland, write your letter in Polish. Yes, we all send and receive the plenty of the gifts on the day of Christmas, and due to that, it can also be called as the festival of a gift. The core areas we suggest you look at, to determine whether or not to work with an influencer are: Finding the right influencers to work with can be time consuming without a tool like ZINE. As ever, we’d advise you to be as hands off as possible when it comes to creative styling so that the post remains authentic. Sending out the hidden gems in your product line to influencers is a good way to get more exposure to products that are overshadowed by your best sellers. Well-loved products will most likely get a positive review from the influencer. We value your patronage and hope we can continue to do … To find influencers: search hashtags, look through geo-locations, check your own followers and use influencer search tools. Instead of contributors, call them “Star Bloggers.” Instead of a Q&A call it an “Exclusive Feature.” If cash isn’t in the equation, look for ways to boost their reputation. Sample of an Agreement with an Influencer Seth Arenstein, PR News Follow Seth: @Skarenstein The document is intended to provide general information and guidelines only and is not a substitute for legal advice. Keep in mind, as your brand grows, so will your micro-influencers, and working in paid opportunities that benefit the both of you later on is always an option. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Allowing the influencer to tag other brands isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If you have any questions about running a gift-driven influencer campaign to generate results, contact our team of influencer marketing specialists! Simply create your profile and campaign, then specify your influencer requirements. If you feel you lack the words when writing such a letter, use template or sample letter to understand how you should write the letter. Products with Cool Factor: Influencers love showing their followers the next new thing. As we mentioned, personalizing the packaging and including custom thank you notes make a huge difference. Will the influencer have enough product to fully test the results? Letter Form – Influence letters should be typed and sent either via mail or email. Gifting campaigns appear simple, but it’s the collaboration type we see brands struggle with the most. Your influencer agreement should outline what you expect from the influencer in return for the gift. Please note that this disclosure is required … Once your content has started to go live, you’ll be able to export a report that shows how your content is performing over time, at both an influencer level and campaign level. E. The content should be compliant with the terms and conditions of the social media … A Gift Letter for a Car, or a Gift Affidavit for a Car, is a legal document written to provide a tax-free transaction involving the transfer of a car’s title to a family member.This letter must be notarized. Biggest fail in gifting collaboration? You can sign up for the brand catalogue for free here. If you don't speak a foreign language, it’s not a problem. She’s been blogging since 2011 and shares, Gifting influencers is a great way to earn extra exposure for your brand and has the added benefit of potentially, Behind the Feed: Interview with Monica Beatrice Welburn, The Secret to a Successful Influencer Gifting Campaign (+case study), Average engagement – this will indicate the engagement you can expect for your images, Monthly audience growth – negative growth can indicate an un-engaged audience, Previous brand associations – does the influencer already work with brands similar to yours? O’Wow used the platform’s filters to identify influencers that matched their requirements. Influencer marketing is certainly not easy but if you push the right buttons, it can create an amazing win-win situation for your business, the audience, and of course, the influencer as well. Influencer product gifting can get you authentic content about your product or service in no time. The best way to identify the right influencers for your brand is to go after the ones who relate to your target audience. Fill, sign and download Gift Letter Template online on This post covers the secret to running a successful influencer marketing campaign using gifting-only. You may also wish to include some basic campaign guidelines – for example, the image style / mood or caption guidelines. For a gifting campaign this means, the total value of stock you intend to gift and the cost of the stock. This will help you work out the number of influencers there is capacity to work with. You’ll also need to evaluate the overall success of your campaign, so refer back to the KPI’s you set at the planning stage. This means you can often get a photo of a celebrity or an influencer holding or using your product, but the disadvantage is that you don’t have control over who that is. Increase Sales: Are there some products in your line that deserve more love? The audience also benefits by remaining current with the best and latest trends in the industry they are keen to know more … Here’s an example of a letter sent to a blogger to solicit his participation to a round-up blog post. The planning phase should be at the beginning of every single influencer marketing campaign – product or paid. Within the first 30 minutes of reaching out to 438 influencers via the platform, O’Wow quickly received positive responses from influencers happy to collaborate and create content for the campaign. I have an order of my product from a lady, now I want to send her a Gift box of my same product along with her order. Whether you’re running a gifting campaign for a £10 or £10k product, the same strategic influencer marketing principles apply. To work with up to five influencers for free, 2. You want to make sure the product is worth the time and work that goes into making a post. For example, if a clothing brand sends an influencer a dress that costs $400 to make, but retails for $2,000, the gift will have “cost” the brand $400, but the influencer … By the time the influencer finishes reading your first DM or email, they should have a clear understanding of what’s being asked of them. Influencer Product Gifting 101 - How To Get Hundreds of Influencers Posting in 30 Days. We’ll show you how influencer product gifting can get you authentic content about your product or service in no time. Note how the introduction is succinct, but how the writer hooks the interest by giving a review of one the influencer’s blog posts and praises the thoughts within it. It is a gesture to present when there's an occasion or purpose. Initial outreach template. You’ll then receive applications from influencers browsing the catalogue, and can review their ZINE media kit which will give you a detailed view of their audience demographics, engagement and growth – you’ll even see engagement across Instagram stories (influencers must have Reach Insights activated). Your influencer agreement should outline what you expect from the influencer in return for the gift. In the gift letter, you must state the name of the giver, the address, contact details, the giver’s relationship with you, the amount, and the source. The photos and videos influencers create using the products you gifted them can be repurposed later on your social media, website, ads and more. Influencer marketing is all about working with social media influencers to help your business grow. These small extras also show you really care about the influencer past using them for this campaign. A few other things to consider before you get the ball rolling on your influencer gifting campaign would be: Is your brand name or logo clearly visible on the product you picked? Before deciding to use gift money for your down payment, you should check for the rule and regulations of gift money from your mortgage lender. Also, since the influencers are posting in exchange for the product, it helps bring authenticity back to your influencer marketing efforts since they aren't influenced by a high paycheck. Too Much Information (TMI) Not Required If you’re a brand looking to start your first gifting campaign, why not try out ZINE. Gifting gives influencers a chance to become a customer, fall in love with a product or brand and feel compelled to share it across their platform, which in turn aids their ability to stay authentic. Note: This is a guest post from John Ruhlin.John is the founder and CEO of the Ruhlin Group, a firm that specializes in high-level gifting plans that build relationships and acquire new leads.He is the author of the recently released book, Giftology. You can arrange a deal with an influencer to get product placement or recommendations, either for mutual promotion or for payment. Yes, ultimately, you’re here for … Only you will be able to determine what success should look like, so this should be established and agreed upon with all relevant parties from the offset. Some would say the CEOs of leading … “Next, research what the influencer’s current ‘currency’ is and identify ways that you can help them achieve their desired objective, and then do it.” Steve and I recently sat down and shared ideas on the best ways for small businesses to break into influencer marketing when they have no budgets and scarce resources. Be sure to work out a copyright agreement ahead of time to avoid any issues when reusing influencer content. You can always get help from professionals translators. Kristen is the Founder & CEO of Statusphere. Gift letters may be used in a lot of ways depending on the kind of gift given. For your campaign to be successful, you’ll need to commit. Keep it Concise – Your letter should be no more than about 300 words.You do not want your letter … Seen as our latest feature the ZINE Brand Catalogue focuses on gifting campaigns, it was perfect timing for us to kick off with a bang, and celebrate its' launch with our top 10 influencers, who will amaze you with what they can do for your brand, if you just give them the right gift.. Gifting campaigns can work exceptionally well for brands in influencer … Regardless of the product value, you'll need to apply these influencer marketing principles. Having a goal will help you lay out the rest of your campaign, so make sure it’s a solid foundation that makes sense with your brand’s marketing goals overall. Use networks and previous partnerships with influencers to learn what kind of content your target audience engages most with, what kind of messaging they react well to and what kind relationship they like to have with brands they follow on Instagram. 3. Pro tip: send out the products a couple weeks before the release and tell the influencers not to post about them until the release date. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential influencers, I … Who are the most important people in an industry? Here are some goals influencer product gifting can help with: Product Launch: Gifting influencers your newest release is perfect for introducing it to the public. How to write a letter "that we are sending you a sample gift box along with your order"? Most vibrant influencer programs make frequent use of product gifting, more commonly referred to as product seeding, when recruiting new influencers. As part of your free trial on our platform you’ll get: 1. Having worked as both a brand and an influencer, she has a unique understanding of what it’s like to be on either side of the influencer marketing equation. Check out this blog for an in-depth explanation for each of these methods! If you’re unsure about the best method for influencer gifting, I’ll cover all the basics and formalities. Here are some key tips to follow for identifying your target audience and influencers: Know who your audience is, their age, their buying habits and interests before you pick your influencers. Consider these products that are good candidates for an influencer gifting campaign: Product Value of $20+: The products you’re gifting should have a value of at least $20. Their decision to approach both macro and micro-influencers allowed them to reach a huge, yet very targeted audience, with the majority showing immense interest in hair and beauty. This is why it’s recommended to utilize a gift letter template instead of freely writing one. There is a requirement of a specific language to use in a gift letter sample. O’Wow offered influencers a free product in exchange for promotion on instagram. Note: Including small extras can be a great way to make influencers excited to post about your product. gifting influencers diamonds has different value to a gifted lip balm. Before you know it, you’ll be sending products to influencers with the confidence that both parties have a mutual … If your product has a “cool factor” you can get away with sending a lower priced item - this is why branding is so important. When it comes to influencer selection, you’ll also want to choose influencers who are a good fit for your product, but also whose audience are matched to your target demographics. Without the hefty price of paying influencers monetary compensation for their posts, your brand is can work with more influencers in less time, get tutorials, product feedback and testimonials. Send: It’s time to get your gifts into your influencers’ hands. Product Sampling Programs, Posted on February 20, 2019 by: Kristen Wiley. You do of course! Before you start your product gifting campaign, it’s essential for you to determine what you want the campaign to accomplish. Influencers’ first impressions of you greatly impact whether or not they’ll work with you. Product gifting campaigns can help you get the word out about your product while also getting valuable feedback and reusable, user-generated content. Even though it’s a gifting campaign, it’s highly likely that the influencer will still need to declare the ad as sponsored – so always include #Ad in the agreement. C. The approved created content will be shared by the influencer to his/her social media accounts listed above. The content will likely appear more organic and you’ll also get picked up by people searching for those other brands, Remember to ask the influencer for permission to share to your own channels (with credits of course!). To make things easy – we have launched The Brand Catalogue. Thank You Letter Template For Gift – Sample & Examples. If that's not your cup of tea, you can … Campaigns might seem really easy, but it’s actually the collaboration type we see brands struggle with the most. It’s not hard to spot a disingenuous brand on Instagram, so be friendly, be professional and be specific with what you want. Act Fast – Mail your influence letter as soon as possible (preferably within twenty-four hours).If time is of the essence, send your letter by email. Note: If you do this, make sure you compensate the influencers for the time and money they had to spend to go out and purchase your product. Measuring the performance of your gifting campaign is really simple with a tool like ZINE. During the planning phase, you should identify who your target audience is and what your campaign objectives are. Depending on the product value / coolness / desirability of your gift, you’ll need to think what is a suitable influencer size to approach i.e. Thank You Notes Wording. Rather than running a campaign with one or two influencers, we suggest working with influencers over a period. Sales. But sometimes a gift … You should include: expected deliverables, time-frame, hashtags and handles required. Tips for Writing an Influence Letter . Your graduation gift is always picked up after much contemplation from your near and dear ones. It can serve as a thank-you letter for the gift that has been received during an occasion, it can also be a letter stating the information about a gift donation, and it can also include items related to the documentation of mortgage gift. Monitor and track the result of your campaign. Here’s what you should include in your pitch: Introduce your brand and what you’re all about, Tell them what you like about their content and why you think they’d be a great fit for your brand, Specify the product you’d like to gift them and what kind of content you’d want them to post (photos, videos, Instagram Stories, etc. The path to making a steady living as an influencer is a long one. A Thank You Letter For a Gift is a beautiful expression that somebody makes. If you live abroad and have received gifts in anticipation of Christmas, you might want to send thank you notes … However, the influencer will perceive the gift as being worth whatever it retails for, which will be a far higher amount than the actual cost incurred by the brand. Sample Thank You Letter For Christmas Gift. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2507045, '04fbfacd-5ac4-4c6d-a0a2-b667134ba844', {}); No matter what kind of campaign you’re running, each step should be strategic. By following these steps, you’ll be ready to run a killer influencer gifting campaign and foster some amazing influencer relationships. Follow Up: Once all the gifts have been sent out and the influencers have posted, don’t let that be the end of your relationship with them. You should include: expected deliverables, time-frame, hashtags and handles required. Save time searching for influences and let them apply to you instead. Feeling generous? One word can make a difference in boosting an influencer’s interest. Even though it’s a gifting campaign, it’s highly likely that the influencer will still need to declare the ad as sponsored – so always include #Ad in … In the run up to Christmas 2020, it’s a great time to test the waters with influencer marketing. Thinking you don’t need to put together an influencer agreement. What to Include In Your Influencer Marketing Agreement. Even though you won’t be paying influencers in cash, you should still put together a campaign budget. Brand Awareness: If you’re trying to generate more buzz about your brand or want to tap into a new market, gift influencers your best selling or most Insta-worthy product. Gift is one beautiful gesture to give someone you love, respect, adore or someone who inspires you. Gifting influencers is a great way to earn extra exposure for your brand and has the added benefit of potentially earning yourself a new fan! Products That Are Easy to Ship: If a product is easily breakable, needs to be kept at a certain temperature or is too large to put in a small box, you should probably choose a different product in your line. Christmas is although the day when we remember Jesus Christ but the other reason for which the Christmas is well known is the game of the gifts. From sourcing influencers and engaging with them, to negotiating deliverables, approving content and tracking results, O’Wow used ZINE in all its glory. The more your chosen group of influencers’ social posts align with your product, the better the match and the less likely they are to leave you in the dust. It’s important to keep in touch and show the influencers that they’re valued, which will make them want to continue working with your brand past a one-off campaign. Don’t forget to like and comment on the influencers’ posts to show you value their work and you’re engaged with the community.

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